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Experiences Designed to Develop Your Family Dynasty Beyond Legacy.

Our experiences bring hope and clarity through practical tools that help you build lasting generational purpose and wealth. Unlock your family’s potential and unleash unstoppable growth and advancement!

The Kingdom Mandate

Understand the Biblical principles guiding dynastic families, their significance in advancing the Kingdom and their role in society.

Relationship Stewardship

Learn how to foster, maintain and grow healthy relationships within dynastic families across the generations.

Resource Stewardship

Gain practical knowledge on responsible creation, growth and management of generational wealth and resources.

Global Perspective

Engage with diverse, multi-cultural leaders to broaden understanding of dynastic family stewardship from across the globe. Connect with dynastic households from around the world.

Premier Global Resources

Discover available support systems, resources and services, and be introduced to networks of dynastic Christian families.

Community Flourishing

Understand how your family’s Kingdom Mandate can frame the leveraging of resources and bring transformational impact on communities.

Networking & Collaboration

Join our events and connect with like-minded dynastic families, share insights, and explore potential partnerships and be on the journey together!



Explore effective communication, conflict resolution, and succession planning within dynastic families.