About family dynasty

To the Glory of God

Family Dynasty offers personalized coaching from global experts covering such topics as: wealth creation & preservation strategies, secrets of dynastic families, legal & financial structures, family history research, and more.

We will teach you how to shift from a legacy mindset to a dynastic family vision. We will equip you to define and live out your God-given Kingdom mandate through the stewardship of familial relationships and your trusted resources; securing the generations’ spiritual identity and framing your family’s trajectory for generations to come!

Our Team of Experts

Sean Morris

Co-Founder of Family Dynasty, author, speaker, church planter, and business leader, Sean teaches that dynastic families transform communities to the glory of God and calls believers to pursue the true ekklesia – the “reframed church”.

Trudie Morris

Originally from South Africa, church planter and mother of three miracle children, Co-Founder Trudie speaks on the power of blessing and the importance of restoring generational families.

Keith Blackborg

Keith is a proud father, husband, wealth optimizer, and tax strategist made wealth THE business and reached “Work Optional” by age 30, who speaks on wealth creation frameworks & strategies.

Mat Dewing

Mat is an executive leadership, business, and family consultant, keynote speaker, entrepreneur, physical therapist, diversified investor, farm owner, licensed pilot and airplane owner who has a vision to build capacity and scale the impact of family dynasty.

Janice Dewing

Janice is a home educator and artist, who along with her husband Mat, has seen their family transformed by her personal experience with Sean & Trudie through Family Dynasty.

Gregory Treat

Gregory is an attorney-theologian and an expert in covenantal business structure and generational succession.

Hannah Douglas

Hannah is a marketing manager and entrepreneur. She serves Family Dynasty as an Ambassador.

Ronna Keller

Ronna’s experience in the marketplace and ministry sectors enable her to catalyze positive change in people and organizations. She is the President of Perspective Quest, LLC, and serves Family Dynasty as an Ambassador.

Joel Smyer

Joel is the President and General Counsel at National Christian Foundation of North Texas, whose mission is to serve and encourage givers to grow as faithful stewards who excel in giving to further the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Jonathan Spencer, CFA

Jonathan founded Signet Private wealth from a desire to to provide holistic wealth management services to families. He is passionate about family wealth governance, as well as macroeconomics analysis and systematic investment strategies. He has 15 years experience in finance, private equity, and asset management. Jonathan is a CFA charterholder, he holds an MA in International Relations from Regent University, and a B.Com in Investment Management from the University of Pretoria in South Africa.

Grace Spencer, PsyD

Grace serves as Signet’s family governance consultant and brings empathy from her own experience growing up in a legacy family. She has a particular interest in empowering members of the rising generation and supporting families as they navigate the complexities of wealth. Grace has extensive experience in providing psychotherapy and assessment services in the university, community mental health, and private practice settings. She holds a doctoral degree in clinical psychology from Wheaton College and a master’s degree in Counseling from Regent University.

Michael Dudley

Michael is president of JobHub180, an organization established to provide employment and support services to those who have recovered from a Substance Use Disorder (SUD). 

Sally Dudley

Sally is the Director of Client Development of JobHub180, an organization established to provide employment and support services to those who have recovered from a Substance Use Disorder (SUD).

Client testimonials

“It has been the most purpose-filled conference that I’ve been to because of the longer-lasting perspective for this generational dynasty.”

“I’m not intrigued. I’m in! This whole concept, this idea, I think it’s the right next thing. I think it’s what God is doing. I think within the church and within his followers to start thinking bigger picture and longer term. So I’m in. There’s no intrigue.  We’re going to keep going down this step.”

“It’s a message that immediately captures your heart. I think we’re just wired that when we hear something like that, we’re drawn in. I think all of us have dreams for our family. This message is so important. It’s just amazing!”