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Family Dynasty

The Restoration of the World Begins at Home


New Book from Sean & Trudie Morris

What if the childhood imaginations that transformed us into princes and princesses, kings and queens are closer to reality than we understand? What if—in the heart of God—that’s no fairy tale?

God’s plan for you and me is revealed in his plan for family—his spiritual family in Christ and our biological and extended families on earth. The message of family dynasty that weaves through the Bible is God’s way of awakening us to his purposes and is the key to unlocking the kingdom of God here on earth.

By God’s grace, your family is designed to wield the hope and power of the gospel to change lives, churches, cities, and countries. You and your family are meant to be a part of God’s loving plan to restore the world. And it begins in your home.
This book examines the scriptures and explores God’s plan to create and use intergenerational dynastic families to bring his good grace and lavish love to the world. It is your invitation to join God’s family in working out his kingdom and, in doing so, be part of his plan to enact his will here on earth as it is in heaven.