Family Dynasty

Beyond Legacy,

Build Dynasty.

Legacy is what you deposit IN and leave for the next generation.

Dynasty is what you build WITH the generations FOR generations to come.

Build your family’s dynasty with us.


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Family Dynasty

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Family Dynasty

The Restoration of the World Begins at Home

By Sean & Trudie Morris


Develop your Dynasty Mandate

Move beyond simple family vision and mission statements and discover the Kingdom purpose God intends for your family. Your bloodlines are no coincidence. Are you, your children and grand-children aware of why God ordained the existence of your house, it’s Kingdom Purpose and its threat to the kingdom of darkness?

This experience helps define a family’s identity at a level most could not even comprehend or anticipate! Join us for a life changing, interactive workshop to discover, develop and capture your family’s unique Kingdom Mandate. Create a dynamic and comprehensive vision and mission for your family that will frame your family members’ engagement, alignment, strength and wealth for generations. Deploy the unstoppable force that is your ‘House’!

Create Wealth Strategies

It’s not governments, but the wealthy families of the earth that rule the world.

Move beyond estate planning and discover practical principles and techniques for how to build the rule and wealth of your house and create financial security for generations to come. This experience will reveal some of the profound secrets of influential families that have led to immense wealth and rule while maintaining family identity and participation throughout generations.

Begin the journey now and stand amazed at what your family will be and establish in just two to three generations!

Solidify Family Dynasty Values

What are the foundational values that your house is built on?

What values are unique to your family, even if unspoken?

In this experience we facilitate a deep-dive, interactive discovery of the unique and foundational values of your family, and record them to ensure they are transferred, internalized and lived for generations to come.

enhance communication

Communication is Key.

35 years of marriage counseling, family ministry and mediation has positioned Sean, Trudie and the team as experts with a depth of understanding of multiple and complex family dynamics. As Trudie says; “We have seen and heard it all! Nothing surprises or phases us. Regardless of the potential disfunction or dynamics, we have seen unprecedented restoration and family healing time after time!”

In this experience, they will identify key truths and principles that have resulted in incredible breakthroughs, restoration and transformation of disjointed, lost, and wayward families.

“Values internalized, immortalized and lived are the essence of power and authority. They dictate and determine the culture, the trajectory and the ultimate destination of a house. Creating and defining the boundaries of governance are the key to experiencing the full delight of the rich inheritance.”

Sean Morris

Founder, Family Dynasty

“It has been the most purpose-filled conference that I’ve been to because of the longer lasting perspective for this generational dynasty.”

“I’m not intrigued. I’m in! This whole concept, this idea, I think it’s the right next thing. I think it’s what God is doing. I think within the church and within his followers to start thinking bigger picture and longer term. So I’m in. There’s no intrigue.  We’re going to keep going down this step.”

“It’s a message that immediately captures your heart. I think we’re just wired that when we hear something like that, we’re drawn in. I think all of us have dreams for our family. This message is so important. It’s just amazing!”